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Digital and nevertheless personal

With eugen!, the tedious procedures of apartment hunting are history, because the smart broker service has optimized the leasing and rental process. This allows a more digital and efficient approach without compromising on – what OTTO Immobilien does best - personal consultation. Keep reading or simply watch to find out more exciting features of eugen! – here our short info video that summarizes the main key points:

OTTO goes eugen!

Resting on 65 years of success in the real estate business? Not at OTTO Immobilien! Because times and the housing market are changing, the decision was simple to launch a young brokerage service alongside OTTO Immobilien: eugen!

With the smart broker service, complicated appointments, mass viewings and a lot of paperwork for credit checks are in the past. Complex processes are simplified, reducing effort and time for all. A promise that Dr. Otto stands for with his name. But one company already bears his name. So it’s lucky that he has a second one: Eugen.

Here are frequently asked questions about eugen!. Many more are also answered in our FAQ list, check it out!

You could say that eugen! is a small revolution. Because in the past, when you were happy to have finally discovered the perfect apartment, it was often still a long way to move in. With eugen!, that's history now - because the smart brokerage service has optimized the leasing and rental process. Everything is now more digital and efficient!

eugen! combines everything - fast, digital processes and the quality of personal consulting, 24/7 live reporting and an unbeatable price for the landlord. More efficient through optimized processes and smart digital tools, coupled with OTTO Immobilien's professionalism and industry experience, eugen! is the ideal partner.

At eugen!, the customer experience around renting and leasing is largely digital. However, we emphasize the personal where it is important - during the viewing and when answering open questions.

Do not hesitate to contact us at! Our team is looking forward to providing you with comprehensive advice. We will find the perfect solution for everyone!

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