About eugen!

eugen! is the smart brokerage service of OTTO Immobilien and combines fast digital service with personal advice. Our optimized customer journey makes renting and leasing easier than ever before!

eugen! focuses on the leasing of large-volume new construction projects. For anyone who wants to have an innovative and efficient partner on their side, eugen! is the ideal solution!  Not a project developer, property owner or property manager? Do not hesitate to contact us at hallo@eugen.at.

OTTO Immobilien is increasingly concerned with the matters of the future and is always behind fining innovative solutions and implementing them. Thus, in 2022, eugen! was brought to life by Dr. Eugen Otto.
eugen! is an experienced team and benefits from the full OTTO power, consisting of over 90 top experts in the background.

You can find all current available units on our website and on the online platforms. Find your new home this way very easily!

At eugen!, the customer experience around renting and leasing is largely digital. However, we emphasize the personal contact where it is important – during the viewing and when answering open questions.

1. Inquire, immediately receive an exposé & book viewing directly online!
2. Visit personally with one of our team members.
3. Easy credit check (express or manual) – online and without waiting!
4. Sign the rental contract electronically – without additional appointment.
5. And into the apartment – it’s that easy with eugen!

For tenants

On-demand online appointment booking, online consulting from home, lightning-fast credit check without paperwork, or electronic rental contract conclusion without an additional appointment - these are just a few of the advantages at eugen! In addition, there are no costs for tenants with eugen! This makes the decision for a new apartment even easier in the future!

Every step that can be completed digitally - booking appointments, online consultations, credit checks and signing leases - can be completed at your pace in the shortest amount of time and except for the approval or rejection by the landlord.

At www.eugen.immo/en/apartments/ you will find our current offers. At your desired apartment, the button “Book a viewing” is waiting on the right, so you are not only able to enjoy the exposé closer, but also directly book a suitable viewing appointment for you.

This is very easy via our online appointment booking tool. You will find the link directly in your exposé after your request. Choose the slot that suits you best from the available appointment slots. Forgetting a viewing appointment is impossible - eugen!'s reminder will give you a heads up!

An important part of the eugen! team are the "locals". They conduct the personal apartment viewings and are available to answer questions about the property and the local environment (hence the name).

After your viewing, you will receive a personal notification and have the opportunity to show your binding interest by means of the credit check. You will be automatically forwarded to the online credit check. As soon as you and any other main tenants or guarantors have completed the credit check, there is nothing more to do from your side. After the landlord's approval, both parties sign the lease electronically.

You can choose between the online express check or the conventional document upload. With the express version, you will be redirected to our partner FINcredible and can prove your creditworthiness in less than three minutes using your salary account. The exciting thing for you is that you don’t have to reveal your salary at any time. You can find more information at www.eugen.immo/en/lease/.

Yes, it is possible to have a guarantor if your own financial means are not sufficient. Please take into account that the guarantor person must be indicated both in the credit check, must complete the credit check positively and will then also be included in the lease agreement. As a reference value, the guarantor should earn at least three times the total monthly rent.

If you are a fan of retro methods and prefer the manual check to the express check, we ask you to upload your most recent pay slips (the three most recent pay slips), your ID card and your registration form in the upload portal. To prove your identity correctly, we only accept a valid passport or ID card. Unfortunately, a driver's license is not sufficient as proof of identity in this case. Please make sure that your documents and information are up-to-date, correct and complete - we are not interested in half-measures, unless they are donuts - they are always welcome.

If this step is also provided by your new landlord/landlady, you will receive the lease agreement in your email inbox after written acceptance. Simply open the document and click on "Start" to enjoy the simple process.
The signature is a "qualified electronic signature" - this is the highest and most secure signature level in Europe. For this you have to identify yourself once with your ID card. This works via an automatically initiated video-ident procedure shortly before the document is completed. Please make sure that you are alone in the room during the signature process, have a good Internet connection and good lighting conditions, and have your ID ready.

No brokerage fees, no hidden costs - that goes without saying with eugen! This makes the decision for your new apartment even easier.

Since our customer experience is very digital, we rely on online consultations instead of a phone number so that we can consciously take time for you and your questions. Book an online consultation with one of our experts directly here or write to us at: hallo@eugen.at.

For landlords/landladies

eugen! combines everything – fast, digital processes and the quality of personal consulting, 24/7 live reporting and an unbeatable price for the landlord. More efficient through optimized processes and smart digital tools, coupled with OTTO Immobilien’s professionalism and industry experience, eugen! is the ideal partner.

Due to our optimized processes, we can offer our rental package at an unbeatable price. We will be happy to prepare an individual offer - tailored to scope and needs

At eugen!, everything revolves around the efficient leasing of large-volume rental housing projects - both new construction and existing portfolios. But even in the case of individual apartments or more luxurious units, OTTO Immobilien will find the optimal solution for everyone.

With the 24/7 reporting dashboard, it is possible to keep an eye on the leasing success of all residential units at any time. On-demand, all activities, inquiries, appointments, credit checks, etc. can be called up. Thus, eugen! offers maximum transparency in the rental process.